Loan for Agri.Clinics and Agri Business center
>For Agriculture Horticulture, Verterinary, Fisheries, graduates.
> Can avail Rs.10 lacks as a personal loan & for group loan Up to Rs.50.00 lacks.
> Repayment - Period 5 to 10 year
  Fisheries Loan - scheme
    A) Short Term Fisheries Loan-

i) To repair & purchase of fishing vessel, net's, hook & fishing Material
-Loan Period - 1 year

-Loan amount - Rs. 10,000 /- / Person

    ii) To repair of mechanized fishing vessel.
-Loan Period - 1 Year
-Loan Amount 1 Lakh
    B) Medium Term Fisheries Loan-
    i)To purchase fishing material & engine parts for mechanized fishing vessel, second hand fishing vessel, repair of mechanized fishing vessel, purchase fishing equipments.
-Loan period - 5 years
-Loan amounts- up to 75% of project cost.

ii)Loan provide for Govt. 50 % subsidies nonmechanized fishing vessel.

    iii)Either Purchase or Construction fishing vessel, engine & fishing equipments
-Loan Period - 5 to 10 years
-Loan Amount - up to 75% of project cost.
    iv)Fish & shell fish culture in Freshwater & Brackish water.
-Loan Period - 10 years
-Loan Amount - up to 75% of project cost
    C) Clean Cash Credit -
    Only for society to purchase & Sale of Diesel.
-Loan Period - 1 years
-Loan Amount - up to a Net Capital of Society.
  Dairy Unit - Purchase of Milking Animal
    a) Murrha/Mhaisana/Jafrabadi Buffalo Rs.70, 000/- per animal
b) Nagpuri / Surati / Pandharpuri - Rs.60, 000/-
c) Jersey Cross Cow - Rs.60, 000/-
d) Local Cow - Rs.20, 000/-
As per project 5 to 10 Cows / Buffalo project can be Sanctioned
Repayment - Period 5 year
  Revolving Cash Credit S.H.G. - 4 Times Revolving Funds
    On Saving of Bachatgat
Repayment - Period - 1Year
  NRLM Scheme -
    NRLM groups can available loan as per Nabard norms
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