Ratnagiri District Central Co.op.Bank Ltd. Ratnagiri

The Ratnagiri District Central Co operative Bank registered on 24th May 1957 and actually started the working on 5th December 1957. The opening ceremony of the bank was held on 5.12.1957 under the chairmanship of the former president of the Maharashtra State Co operative Bank Ltd. Mumbai, Lt. Shri Ramanlal Saraiya. Basically bank was registered for ‘United Ratnagiri District’, when it was not splited, comprising today’s Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts.

After Separation of Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg District. The Ratnagiri District Central Cooperative Bank established as on 1st July 1983 having the register license no. RTG/BNK/1427. Reserve Bank of India had given permission to do banking business through license no. RPCD/BMO/69-C dated 1995.This License was renewed on 20th Dec.2011 with RPCD(MRO)/1257/18-01-038 year 2011-12
Ratnagiri District comprises 9 tehsils (Blocks) namely Mandangad, Dapoli, Khed, Chiplun, Guhagar, Sangmeshwar, Ratnagiri, Lanja and Rajapur.

Ratnagiri district has a coastline of near about 300 kms. with beautiful beaches impressing and stretching visitors and tourists. A green, beautiful and uncommon biodiversity with medicinal and ornamental plants and forests on Sahyadri mountain towards the eastern side of the district. Due to heavy rainfall there are so many waterfalls attracting tourists in every monsoon.

Alphanso mango, Jackfruit, Cashew, Arecanut, Coconut, Kokum etc. fruit crops and wild fruit species, generally known as ‘Konkan Meva’ are seen everywhere in Ratnagiri District. Major Cereal crop of the konkan region; that is Paddy is grown all over Ratnagiri District. The Nagali, vegetables and other crops are also grown on small scale by the farmers.

Fishery is the main occupation is observed at the coastline region of Ratnagiri District. There are many Fishing Co operative societies in Ratnagiri District and they are giving loan to fishermen on large scale. Ratnagiri District Central Co operative bank is financing facilities to these co operative societies.

There are food processing unit of mango, cashew nut and other fruit crops in Ratnagiri district and they are contributing in the economy of Ratnagiri district as an agro based industry.
The bank was established for significant enhancing economic condition of farmers and other needy people of the district after independence. And therefore the Ratnagiri district Central Co operative Bank is financing to small, marginal and large farmers for crop production, land development, erecting and establishing various agro base industries.

Ratnagiri district Central Co operative Bank is also financing on large scale to the Employee’s Co operative Credit Societies, Housing Societies, Labour Co operative Societies, Industrial Co operative Societies, Self Help Groups and other government schemes which are useful for eradicating poverty.
Bank has secures very nice position in Maharashtra state in all the respect without any compromising in administration, banking, procedure and in following standard norms stipulated by NABARD. Now bank has zero NPA with good net worth and CRAR. Within a short period it is presumed that bank will secure 1st position in co operative banking in Maharashtra state.

General information of Ratnagiri District & RDCC Bank:-

1. Total population – 16,15,069
2. Farmers – 3,37,421
3. RDCC BANK Members- 1986
4. Individual members -23

5. Primary Agricultural Co operative Societies-409
6. Dairy Co operative Societies - 139
7. Goat Sheep Co operative Societies -125
8. Fisheries Co operative Societies - 92
9. Employee’s Co operative Societies – 78
10. Nagari Cooperative/Urban cooperative Societies – 245
11. Kharadi – Vikari / Processing /Consumer Cooperative Societies – 92
12. Industrial Cooperative societies – 118
13. Housing Cooperative Societies – 160
14. Fedaral – 8
15. District Board oversees the transportation laborers/Self-employment, unemployment - 260
16. Other cooperative – 237


  IFSCode : IBKL0574RDC
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